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Cleaning jewellery with soapy tepid water 溫水肥皂清洗易

Diamond has a strong affinity with oil and attracts dust easily. The safest way to clean diamond is to use tepid water with a small amount of neutral soap or detergent. Use a soft-brush to brush it. Finally, rinse with water. When cleaning diamond jewellery, remember to block the sink or to wash it within a bowl in order to avoid slipping it down the drain. To clean pearls, one only needs to wipe them gently with a soft cloth. All jewelleries are luxury items. If there is any doubt in the care of jewellery, one should seek help from a reputable jewellery shop.

鑽石有特強的親油性,容易蒙上灰塵。最安全的清潔鑽石方法是在溫水中加中性肥皂液或洗潔精,並以軟毛刷清潔,最後用水洗淨。清洗時,切記蓋上排水口,於碗中清潔為佳,要慎防鑽石或寶石在沖洗過程中掉落。 清潔珍珠,只宜用軟布輕輕擦拭。如在清潔保養上有疑問,可選擇交由具信譽的珠寶店代勞,以策安全。